James Rhodes: My love letter to music


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British concert pianist James Rhodes is a star in the world of classical music. He's won awards, had several hit albums, performed in top venues all over the world and Oscar-nominated actor Andrew Garfield will play him in a biopic. His career is a testament to overcoming unimaginable trauma. James is a survivor of child sexual abuse. As a result, he turned to self-harm and even contemplated suicide. This is the story of how music became his lifeline. This interview was first broadcast on 1 August, 2019. Since then, Spain - where James lives - has overhauled its system of protection against child sexual abuse. The new legislation was passed largely through James' efforts and is named after him: Rhodes Law. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Maryam Maruf Picture: James Rhodes Credit: Getty Images Get in touch with us on outlook@bbc.com

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