Separated from my kids at the US-Mexico border


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Rosayra Pablo Cruz tells how she fled Guatemala in April 2018 with two of her children after an attempt on her life and death threats against her eldest son. Hoping to be granted asylum in the United States, she says she didn't realise that a new "zero-tolerance" policy had just been introduced there which meant that any adults trying to cross the border illegally would be placed in custody and face prosecution - and if they were travelling with children, they would be separated from them. Rosy's two sons were sent to live with a foster mum in New York, but thanks to a group of volunteers, she was reunited with them a few months later. One of those volunteers was Julie Schwietert Collazo. Julie heard about the plight of the mums separated from their children on the radio and made it her mission to help them. Rosy has now been granted asylum in the US. Rosy and Julie have written a book about their experience called The Book of Rosy. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: June Christie Interpreter: Laura Plitt Picture: Rosayra Pablo Cruz Credit: J Pablo

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