The Guatemalan grandparents storming the disco


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Guatemalan grandparents Favio "El Lobo" Vasquez and his wife Maria Moreno first met on the disco dance floor over 30 years ago. Despite being from rival dance groups they ended up falling in love and have been dancing together ever since. But earlier this year, after the death of their daughter, dance helped them in ways they could never have imagined. As they were raising their daughter's two young children and struggling to pay the bills, they decided to enter an online dance competition. They had to enter separately but Favio won and the video of him dancing went viral - it was even trending higher than Manchester United! They've been telling Outlook's Clayton Conn their story. Presenter: Clayton Conn Producer: Deiniol Buxton and June Christie Picture: Favio Vasquez and Maria Moreno Credit: Favio Vasquez and Maria Moreno

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