Episode 49: A Life Coach Session with Ron Kardashian


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On this episode of Outloud with Gianno Caldwell, Gianno has something very special planned. His guest is someone who has the last name Kardashian and is a minister. Ron Kardashian is a remarkable man who has changed the lives of countless people for the better. A life coach, mentor, and author, Ron is also a strength and conditioning coach and the founder of Kingdom Conditioning Ministries. Ron and Gianno have a wide-ranging conversation that promises to inspire and may even enlighten you. Consider this a private session with your own personal life coach. Plus, Ron and Gianno discuss navigating life as a man of faith.

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Bio: Ron Kardashian, Executive Coach and licensed and ordained minister.

Ron Kardashian is the President CEO of Le Confidant, Inc., an executive consultancy firm in the Silicon Valley with a presence on three continents overseeing alongside $700B in revenue! The company has been awarded diplomatic honors and has been recognized as an authority in the executive leadership space. Clients from companies such as Apple, LinkedIn, Tesla, Facebook, Intel, Texas Instruments, FOXNews, Neiman Marcus, and various start-ups are benefiting via invaluable insight into the successful behavioral traits that gave rise to some of the most successful minds of today. Mr. Kardashian advises CEO’s and heads of governments in the areas of making the Ingenious decisions that forever change the trajectory and outcomes of their lives, their businesses, organizations, and their relationships. In addition to his executive roles, he is a published authored of 3 books and became a writer for the Forbes Coaching Council.

Not only an expert on cognitive leadership but my personal coach and Friend.

Website: RonKardashian.com

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LinkedIn Handle: ronkardashian

Twitter @ronkardashian.

Silicon Valley offices: 650.781.0050

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