The Trans Sporter Room Ep140 -- Ina Fried on Covering Technology, Covering Transness and Covering the Olympics


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Since becoming the chief technology correspondent at Axios in 2017 Journalist Ina Fried has been a voice in covering the biggest pieces of what is coming next.

It should be no surprise in a nearly 30-year journalism, she's always been ahead of curve. She even pursued her truth ahead of curve, as a journalist at CNET 20 years ago.

Last summer, she was on the scene at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. As perhaps the only trans journalist covering the games, she covered some of key people that made these games the gayest, queerest, most transtastic in history.

Fried sits down with out Karleigh Webb to talk about Tokyo, tech and the state of being trans in a tenuous time.

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