3 Strikes, You're Out #54: Braving the Pain with D.Gil


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When you think of cursed MLB fanbases, the Braves aren't usually the first team that springs to mind. But as their unceremonious exit from the NLCS after leading the series 3-1 illustrates, they've put their fans through a fair amount of hurt over the past couple decades.

And as a Cub fan since the mid-80s, I practically have a doctorate in baseball pain. So this week, I've invited the Outsports Podcast Network's D.Gil (The Gameday Tea) to break down all the things his team has done to him. From what he describes, the Braves appear to suffer from a misfortune that psychologists refer to as "Playing in Atlanta." This condition lies dormant for most of the season but once the calendar shifts to October, it suddenly results in baserunning snafus, 10 run first innings, and BS infield fly rules. Side effects of Playing in Atlanta include sudden craving for Waffle House, over-blessed heart, and kissing your e-mail crush on a ferris wheel.

My promise to you the listener: this is the only podcast you'll hear all week that includes discussions of Troye Sivan's mullet AND former Braves mascot Chief Nac-A-Homa. You're welcome.

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