3 Strikes, You're Out #55: Teddy Ballgame's Last Hurrah with Steve Buckley


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As you know from listening to any of the past 54 episodes, it doesn't take much to get me talking about Ted Williams. That comes with the territory of doing a baseball show but it would also be true if I hosted a podcast about collecting scrimshaw or the life of Rutherford B. Hayes.

Seventy years ago, Williams homered in his final at bat as a major leaguer. It was only fitting that The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived authored the greatest ending to a ballplayer's career in history. This week, I'm joined by Boston sports columnist Steve Buckley (The Athletic), who wrote a wonderful story in September interviewing all of the living players from that momentous day in Red Sox and baseball lore. We do a deep dive about what the piece revealed about the cantankerous legend's numerous acts of surprising kindness and respect toward his fellow ballplayers. Additionally, Buckley shares a great anecdote of a hotel lobby conversation he had with The Splendid Splinter and I sincerely hope my expression of slack-jawed awe in response is somehow audible. Ted Williams forever.

You can read Steve Buckley's excellent Williams story by clicking here or by copying this link:


And here is the amazing Love Story/Harvard hockey piece Buckley mentions at the end:


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