3 Strikes, You're Out #56: The Cleveland What? with Michael Palascak


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Happy New Year, everybody! Let's ring in the first day of 2021 by celebrating a move MLB should have made in 1951!

The Cleveland Baseball Team will finally finally be getting a new non-problematic name...next year. I know I've typed this way too many times but in baseball terms, that counts as progress! And today, friend of the pod and Cleveland baseball fan Michael Palascak (The Tonight Show) returns to celebrate his team's greatest achievement since the 1948 World Series. Chief Wahoo is no more and we haven't seen racists this sad since Curt Schilling's video game company went bankrupt. That's worth a civic party!

We also talk through options for the team's new name...Spiders, Naps, Rockers...and then randomly stumble upon the best choice in tribute to The Land's greatest athletic hero. (No, not Joe Charboneau...) It's not even baseball related but we are all witnesses to its brilliance. Make it happen, Tito Francona!

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