3 Strikes, You're Out #64: Umpire Dale Scott (Part 2)


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On last week's episode, I talked to former umpire Dale Scott about his inspiring coming out story. For Part 2, we're talking about his career on the field!

An elimination playoff game. The go-ahead run scoring on an obscure rule without the ball being hit. Managerial arguments from both sides. Calls for a rule clarification. Two ejections. Four instances of fans throwing trash on the field. Three consecutive errors. Two bench clearing incidents. And an iconic home run that became one of the greatest moments in Blue Jays history.

All of this took place in ONE INNING of Game 5 of the 2015 Blue Jays/Rangers ALDS--more commonly known as The Jose Bautista Bat Flip Game. And Dale Scott was there behind the plate for the whole thing. He takes us on the field through every moment as that seventh inning went more and more off the rails. The inside stories of Scott's interactions with both managers alone make this episode a must-listen!

We also discuss catcher framing and it turns out Dale Scott is an umpire who hates it too! I should've called this one "The Vindication Episode."

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