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Welcome to another episode of LPFPod. This is episode 57 and I am extremely excited to talk with my first person from Crystal Palace Football Club from England. I hope you enjoy my chat with Palace women's goalie Chloe Morgan. Throughout our conversation we talk about football in England, growing up around the sport, Chloe's personality that keeps her focused on so many aspects of her life including work, football, volunteering with the Goaldiggers, a woman's LGBTQ football club.

We also spend some time chatting about her being mixed race, race issues around the world and Black Lives Matter.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Chloe. To follow her on twitter, you can find her at @Morgie_89.

You can follow me on twitter and instagram at @lpfpod. Email me questions or comments at levelplayingfieldpod@gmail.com

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