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HYPERVSN USA Regional Director Ed Teller(Photo courtesy of HYPERVSN, and used with permission.) How do you create magic with technology? London-based HYPERVSN has that down to a science. They've designed the world's first holographic 3D display system. And "eye-catching" doesn't come close to describing the way their units grab everyone's attention. We've seen them at three CES® shows so far--and the crowd around the exhibit has always been three-deep. So, what are they looking at? Think 3D holograms floating--and moving--in mid-air. At CES 2020, they also demonstrated interactive holograms. And while HYPERVSN's website calls their 3D integrated holographic system "the next generation of advertising", their holographic-imagery units can be put to use in a lot of other applications. Education, small-business promotion and special events all come to mind. And you can customize your own content! Ed Teller is HYPERVSN's USA Regional Director. We talked about the story of HYPERVSN, some of the applications beyond commercial use, and how the technology is working to get messages across during the pandemic. On this edition of Over Coffee®, you will hear: How Ed first encountered HYPERVSN's holographic technology; The story of HYPERVSN; How the technology can work for noncommercial applications, such as education; How users can customize and create their own content; Some of the noncommercial ways individuals are using the holographic systems; How the device works!; Some of Ed's favorite creative experiences, using the technology; A look at the programs which HYPERVSN created to get messaging out, during the pandemic; Some of the ways HYPERVSN may work in a post-pandemic world.

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