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(Photograph courtesy of Natalia Pinilla Rivera, ©2020 Kiwibot, and used with permission.) "This is just the beginning. I want to change the world," says Kiwibot Head Designer Alejandro Otalora. And he's continuusly using his creativity to do exactly that. Alejandro excels at designing autonomous vehicles. In the past, he's won international competition awards for his autonomous-train designs. Kiwibot, a very cute four-wheeled robot, is one of his creations. Originally, Colombia-based startup Kiwi Campus envisioned Kiwibot as a vehicle for fast, affordable food delivery. But with COVID-19, Kiwibot is also perfect for contact-free medical-supply delivery. Recently, Kiwi Campus started a pilot program in Berkeley, with the little robots delivering sanitizers and masks. In addition, Kiwi Campus will be activating "a fleet of robots", according to their webpage, to deliver any needed supplies. Alejandro talked about the experience of creating Kiwibot, how the robot evolved into its current role and what's next On this edition of Over Coffee®, you will hear: How Alejandro first began creating autonomous vehicles; His experience coming onboard with the Kiwibot Campus team; What the process of designing Kiwibot was like; How the robot is currently evolving; One creative "beginning mistake" which Alejandro would advise fellow robot designers not to make; His advice for fellow creatives, on one pitfall to avoid; When we can expect to see the next version of Kiwibot; How Alejandro "reimagined" Kiwibot's capabilities after the onset of the pandemic.

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