Addressing Racial Disparities in Maternal Health with Quantrilla Ard


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Did you know that black women are three to four times more likely to die during pregnancy than white women----regardless of education, income, prenatal care, or weight? In this episode I am chatting with Dr. Quantrilla Ard on the disparities in black maternal health. We discuss her motherhood story including her journey of becoming an Angel mom. She also shares tips on how we can begin advocating for our own health and why those of us who can choose must advocate for those who cannot.

About Quantrilla Ard:
Quantrilla Ard, PhD, is a recent transplant to the Atlanta area along with her husband and three littles. She is a faith-based personal and spiritual development writer and speaker who believes in the power of collective strength, community and fellowship. She recently graduated from Walden University with a PhD in Health Psychology and is an advocate for social justice with a focus on Black maternal and infant health and mortality. You can find her sharing stories of triumph at

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