241: Liquid Assets


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A short one because we’re all busy people. Maybe us more than you. But we fit in a lot of topics, from how to launder crypto to appreciating 90s mall punk, and everything (well, very little, actually) in between. Sponsor Upstart is the fast and easy way to pay off your debt with a personal loan –– all online. Visit Upstart.com/Overtired to get your fast approval with up-front rates. Show Links Diarrhea Crypto: Everything You Need To Know K.flay Don’t Judge a Song By Its Cover Join the Community See you on Discord! Thanks! You’re downloading today’s show from CacheFly’s network BackBeat Media Podcast Network Check out more episodes at overtiredpod.com and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. Find Brett as @ttscoff and Christina as @film_girl, and follow Overtired at @ovrtrd on Twitter. Transcript Brett Brett: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]Hey, you’re listening to overtired. I am Brett Terpstra. I am here with Christina Warren, Christina, how are you? [00:00:11] Christina: [00:00:11] I’m good. I don’t know what time zone I’m in, but I’m good. And, uh, how are you? [00:00:16] doing we’re recording finally, there were some hiccups that I think you want to talk about. [00:00:22] Brett: [00:00:22] so many hiccups. I mean, scheduling a loan. [00:00:25] Christina: [00:00:25] I know. [00:00:26] Brett: [00:00:26] I’ll be lucky if this act, if you’re listening to this on Friday, something went really well. There’s a good chance. That’s episode comes out on Saturday. There’s also a good chance. That’s only 30 minutes long because we’re busy people and things got, uh, just what’s the word for when everything goes sideways. [00:00:43] Christina: [00:00:43] fucked. [00:00:44] Brett: [00:00:44] Yeah, everything got fucked. Yeah. So anyway, w last time when we first tried to record this episode, I, I got on and there was this loud hissing that I just assumed was Christina, and then it wasn’t Christina. [00:00:59] Christina: [00:00:59] It’s a [00:01:00] good assumption, but it was not this case. It was actually not my fault. [00:01:03] Brett: [00:01:03] And I, I th so I want to talk about cable management. Uh, I want to come back to this topic, but I ended up taking everything apart. Like I have so many boxes and cables that everything plugs into trying to figure out where this was coming from. And the thing was it’s only in Skype and the audio recorded from the microphone while on the Skype call has no hits at all. [00:01:29] And it’s all very confusing, but I had a zoom call right after and the audio is fine. So if you could talk to Microsoft about this, um, it’s Skype, it’s all Skype [00:01:42] Christina: [00:01:42] Okay. Um, if I knew the Skype [00:01:45] people, I would, and I think they would probably politely listen, but I’ll try. [00:01:49] Brett: [00:01:49] when it does that thing. When you end a call and it says, how was the quality of your [00:01:53] Christina: [00:01:53] Oh yeah. I can do like one. [00:01:56] Brett: [00:01:56] I’ll I’ll do it. It’s it’s it’s my problem. I’ll take care of [00:02:00] [00:02:00] Christina: [00:02:00] I’ll do it too. And then I’ll write it. [00:02:01] I’ll be like, you’re doing something to our audio and we don’t know What it is because it’s recording cleanly, but you’re adding noise and we don’t like it. [00:02:10] Brett: [00:02:10] What do you want us to do? Use Google Hangouts. Come on, [00:02:13] Christina: [00:02:13] Fuck sake. Come on, zoom. [00:02:16] Brett: [00:02:16] everyone. Everyone else is recording through. Like newer, more modern technologies and only people like you may. And, uh, I guess some old school podcasts are still recording on Skype. [00:02:31] Christina: [00:02:31] Yeah, I mean, the thing is, is that it has its issues and I’m not defending that, but it’s also like one of those things where, because I have to use zoom for some things, but zoom is such a shitty company. Like they’re, they’re really just such a terrible company and their policies are jus...

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