#28 - Mills Snell - Diving into Commercial Roofing


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Today we have Mills Snell here with us. Mills has a background in multiple industries and you’ll get to hear all about the path that has led him to where he stands now.

He started his career in the M&A world as the owner of an advisory firm in Columbia, South Carolina. Since then he has worked in financial planning, permanent equity, and real estate.

However, his most recent business endeavor has been becoming the owner of a commercial construction company that works heavily in roofing. He closed this deal in April of 2021, 10 months after coming across the business. The details of this will be our primary focus in this episode.

On today’s podcast, you’ll get to hear him discuss his experience of running this company as he approaches the end of his first year of ownership. He’ll help give you insight into what this type of acquisition looks like and any challenges you may face during it. Enjoy.

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