What is data science (and what isn't), data informed decision making, and the gamification of coaching with Sudarshan Gopaladesikan (Head of Sports Data Science at S.L. Benfica)


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In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Head of Sports Data Science at S.L Benfica, Sudarshan Gopaladesikan. Despite me making a hash of saying, Suds' name as we went live, this episode was an incredibly insightful episode with someone who is at the forefront of data science in our industry. Patrick Ward described him at 'one of the best mathematicians' he knows. Coming from Microsoft and consulting with some of the biggest sporting organisations in the world, to working with Benfica, Suds gives a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a data science department in football.

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Who is Sudarshan Gopaladesikan (background, experience and current roles)?
  • Data science (what it is and isn't)
  • Working in sport as a data scientist
    • Linking data science with sports science & coaching
  • Most common questions from sports scientists
    • Combination of technical and tactical analysis
    • Decision making (brief and incorporated into the general discussion)
  • Data visualisation and communication
    • Key concepts
  • The importance of 'speaking coach' when delivering messages
  • Gamification of sports coaching and training

Suds can be found on Twitter @suds_g

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