Daniel Cohen of Cohen and Company on the Past, Present, and Future of the SPAC Craze (EP.145)


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If you want to learn about SPACs, look to Daniel Cohen. He has been with the SPAC phenomenon since the beginning and has been a major player in really innovating this space. He even inspired me to launch Social Leverage’s SPAC. In this episode, Daniel helps give some context into how the SPAC craze got to where it is today. Daniel is the Chairman of Cohen & Company and Managing Member of FinTech Masala, two SPAC powerhouses focused on Insurance and FinTech SPACs, president and CEO at FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp, chairman of Bancorp and former CEO of RAIT Financial Trust. Daniel’s a hustler, having launched 10 SPACs since his first deal in 2015 and currently working on his next. But as impressive as his resumé is, the most impressive aspect of Daniel’s career to me is that he works with his family. In fact, Daniel’s most notable and high-profile merger deal with eToro was with his mom Betsy Cohen. In this episode, Daniel and I chat about the SPAC craze’s opportunities and areas of concern, big data, money management, COVID’s impact on tech and business travel, working with his family and more.

Guest - Daniel G Cohen, President and CEO at FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: HERA) and Chairman at Cohen & Company (Ticker - COHN)

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