David Woo, former Wall Street Investment Strategist and CEO of David Woo Unbound on Global Macro and the Current Panic (EP.201)


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Today’s guest is David Woo, a former Wall Street Investment Strategist and now the CEO of David Woo Unbound, where he’s leveling the playing field for Main Street. His blog, podcast, and YouTube are a global forum promoting fact-based debates about markets, politics, and economics. David was previously the Head of Global Rates, Foreign Exchange, and Emerging Market Fixed Income and Economics Research at Bank of America. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from Columbia. We’re just over two years from the last market panic, and I thought it was important to bring him on to talk global macro since we find ourselves smack in the middle of another panic – inflation, rising interest rates, markets melting, and the possibility of total war. He’s got some really strong opinions, ideas, and forecasts I thought I should share. Enjoy!

Guest - David Woo, CEO of David Woo Unbound

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Show Notes:

  • (00:43) – Intro
  • (05:08) – Welcome David Woo
  • (05:26) – The pivot in global macro
  • (09:00) – Tech won’t solve this
  • (11:01) – Global momentum is slowing
  • (18:23) – Waking the dragon
  • (20:26) – Energy is key
  • (25:16) – Pressure on the system
  • (36:09) – Profit margins under pressure
  • (37:01) – Looking at a recession?
  • (41:33) – Wall Street v. Main Street
  • (44:08) – Wrapping up
  • (47:46) – Closing thoughts

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