Tiffany Zhong, Gen Z Whisperer and Zebra IQ CEO, on the 5 Cs: Creators, Community, Content, Commerce and Culture (EP.131)


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OK boomers, we’re kicking off our first episode of 2021 with Gen Z whisper and Zebra IQ CEO Tiffany Zhong. I’m a big fan of Zebra’s annual Gen Z report and I recommend all my listeners take a look at it too. It’s important to stay in touch with audiences and perspectives other than those similar to you (something Tiffany talks about in this episode). Tiffany’s company Zebra IQ helps brands create communities to understand Gen-Z and Millennial consumers by offering real-time feedback. They’ve worked with more than 20 companies including Snapchat, Levi Strauss and Turner Broadcasting. Zebra IQ is just one example of how Gen Z can help you make a lot of money if you just listen to them. In this episode, Tiffany and I talk about Zebra IQ, dropping out of college, her twitter strategy, her “five Cs,” moguls, monetizing an audience, TikTok, startups, ecommerce and more.

Guest - Tiffany Zhong, CEO at Zebra IQ,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @TZhongg, @ZebraIQ, @knutjensen

Instagram: @tzhongg

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