Bloomberg’s Ted Merz on Financial Journalism and Information Dissemination in the Age of Social Media (EP.133)


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I always love getting to interview people who typically ask the questions. And this episode with guest Ted Merz is no exception. Ted has spent 30 years at Bloomberg, first as a journalist and later overseeing application and product building. Now, he works as their Global Head of News Product. Ted was there at the early days of Bloomberg when financial journalism was at its infancy. It was fascinating getting his perspective on this sector and how it has changed and grown over the years. In this episode, Ted and I talked about how he landed his first role at Bloomberg, the biggest story he’s covered, financial journalism, the value of content, integrating Twitter into Bloomberg, data and more.

Guest - Ted Merz, Global Head of News product at Bloomberg,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @TedMerz, @knutjensen

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