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This episode starts off differently than most, with Asaf Avidan describing in harrowing detail how he was nearly killed by the wolf-dog hybrid he adopted. He survived the attack and recorded his latest album, Anagnorisis, with an eye on the big picture, questioning reality itself in very philosophical songs (perhaps we're just here as a point of reference for the gods, he wonders).

Born and raised in Israel, Asaf's audience is mostly in Europe, where he's had several platinum records and hits across 14 different countries. He has been compared to some of the best lyricists ever known, and once you get into his catalogue it's easy to hear why.

Asaf is a gifted songwriter and lyricist with a truly unique and amazing voice. In this episode, we find ourselves in a deep conversation that I think you will enjoy.

Hosted and Edited by Corey O’Flanagan

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