Make it Stop: Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus with Alli Thresher and Squallie Greenthumb


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Do you like trying different things? Or do you prefer smoking funny things? This week we're talking about Robbie Ritchie, Bobby Shazam, his name is Kid Rock, that is his name, and if you ask him again, he'll probably call you a slur. He's a conservative flip flopper, a confederate flag loving yankee, a Detroit-repping white rapper who grew up on a princely estate in the 'burbs. In 2007 he recorded an album called Rock N Roll Jesus, with which he purported to be resurrecting the long dormant and nearly forgotten genre of rock. What it is is a bunch of songs where he says racist garbage in the only two notes he can manage while his band does a half hearted Bob Seger impression. It goes on for 57 minutes. Returning guests Squallie Greenthumb and Alli Thresher have to suffer through it all too. It's just a big ol' bummer is what it is. Part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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