The Career Musician Ep. 63: The Voice Of Hunger Games - Sunna Wehrmeijer


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Sunna Wehrmeijer has found her niche as a career musician through the magic of Hollywood. A popular composer in the world of T.V. and film, Sunna has scored popular animated series such as Dreamworks She-ra And The Princess of Power and Warner Brothers' Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz. Sunna has also written music for blockbusters including The Lego Ninjago Movie, Holmes and Watson, Nightcrawler, and Robin Hood and the iconic Prometheus. Originally from the Netherlands and now residing in the UK, Sunna has gained experience across the globe. In this episode Sunna talks with NOMAD about the realities of becoming a composer, and how her career brought her to become the featured vocalist in the Hunger Games movies Catching Fire and Mockingjay Parts I and II.

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