Episode 10: Online Activism & #RepealThe8th


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This week I’m talking to Emily Kennedy, Emily did her degree in Social Science in UCC and wrote her paper entitled, “Trending #Repealthe8th – An Exploration of the Limitations and Opportunities of Digital Feminist Activism” in 2019.

This paper looks at online activism and uses the Repeal the 8th campaign of 2018 as a case study. Specifically Emily is looking at online Feminist Activism, and also gives a fascinating introduction on the context of women’s autonomy and rights in Ireland.

We talk about the history of abortion rights in Ireland, the significance of the referendum in 2018, online movements; their efficacy and downfalls, online addiction and lots more! As my FINAL episode of Season 1 of Paper Radio, this episode really packs a lot in and I hope you enjoy!

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