Ep. 20: Patty-Walkin' on Sunshine (Super Extra Discounted Free Black Friday Quarantine Edition)


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Happy Black Friday and boy oh boy what a deal we have for you! This week's episode is extra free...that means we will give you money back just to listen. We only ask for your address, bank account numbers and social security number...
This week the Patties focus their spooky sights on Skinwalkers. Whaaaat? Also, there's some UFO stuff. Crazy right? Tune in to learn more and avoid those crazy lines at Walmart. Also, once again, the Patties try to pronounce words that they have no business pronouncing...FUN TIMES!
There's even more riffing, laughing, singing, creepy stories and fun this week. No telling what's going to happen when these two Patties get together. Tune in for a Paranormal ride you won't forget.
Send your Creepy or Scary stories in. We'd love to read them on the Podcast. Email at paranormalpattiespodcast@gmail.com.

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