Charles Oakley, Pete Prisco On Urban Meyer, WC Game, CFB Talk & Bring Your Lunch Pail With Jersey Jerry


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We start the show with the Red Sox/Yankees Wild Card Game predictions then a recap of the game(00:02:52-00:20:56). Monday night football and CFB talk(00:20:56-00:37:42). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Game of Thrones and the internet blowing up on Monday(00:37:42-01:02:56). Charles Oakley joins the show to talk about his new show, being an enforcer in the NBA, toughest guy that tried him and being in Michael Jordan's inner circle(01:02:56-01:53:45). Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about the Jaguars and Urban Meyer's terrible week(01:53:45-02:10:27). We finish the show with Bring your lunch pail with Jersey Jerry(02:10:27-02:32:18).

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