Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 400 Phillip Maira Sees Kickstarter Through Purple Eyes!


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This is it! It’s here! Episode four hundred! On this episode of the Part-Time Fanboy Podcast we welcome back Phillip Maira! Phillip Maira is a comic book writer who has been on the podcast twice before talking about his anthology series Crackle (you can listen to those interviews by clicking here and here). With the Crackle anthology, he’d always written the stories himself and had artists interpret his tales for him. In his new Kickstarter project, Purple Eyes, he dons his editor’s hat and has invited both writers and artists to submit stories based on one very compelling idea: what if, seventy three minutes before you died, your eyes turned purple as a warning of your impending doom? This week Kristian chats with Phillip about the concepts behind Purple Eyes, what it was like putting together an anthology book that he hadn’t written himself, and why the proposition of being notified of your own death early was such a compelling one for him.

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