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Enjoy encouraging and lifting others up in prose and through melody. Interesting people and passion turned into purposeful and fruitful action inspires me to become inspired. Those "eternal instants" as Max Lucado refers to them are priceless blessings.
The homepage that was "" is under repair, but did begin in 1997 with an impetus on adding thoughtful writings, quotations, short stories, and music for others to not merely read or hear, but as an invitation to share their own message or story, the talents within them that are dying to live.
The theme of, "Life isn't over yet" and hanging tough in spite of feeling rough was posited and continues to be on the social networks available. Getting into other's interests and joys is truly a joy in and of itself. Avoiding approval and acceptance addiction isn't really optional and this common and thoughtful thread is interwoven throughout. It isn't about me or we but our Creator's love in giving us all talents and gifts irrespective of what they might be, and giving them away. This is the best way to give away what "fear" would like to thwart.
Enjoy good conversation with varied individuals with, clearly, varied and colorful pasts - whether bright in hue or a bit shaded with blues.
Life is in the moment and the "As Soon As Syndrome" is comprised of "If only" and "Only if" and my passion is in the pulling out the best in others and being a talent scout; seeing people not as problems, but as limitless persons with unleashed potential.
And so it goes...
Kindly yours,
Brian G. Jett
Hangtough, LLC

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