Mobile Home Park Liability Concerns with Kurt Kelley of Mobile Insurance


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Welcome back to the Passive Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, hosted by Andrew Keel. On this episode of the Passive Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Andrew talks with Kurt Kelley of Mobile Insurance. Kurt talks about the top liability concerns mobile home park investors need to look out for in their properties. Andrew and Kurt also talk about park-owned homes and LLC’s, cyber security liability insurance, Kurt’s idea of the perfect mobile home park, and his advice for new people getting into the industry.

Kurt has worked with Mobile Insurance since the mid-90’s. Mobile Insurance has experienced wonderful, steady growth and has a high client retention rate since its formation. Kurt is also the founder and publisher of a real estate publication called, “Manufactured Housing Review,” which is dedicated to professionals in the mobile home industry. He is also the managing member and co-founder of the American Insurance Alliance, which is an association of insurance agencies that specialize in the manufactured housing industry, the alliance has total premium volumes over $180,000,000!

Andrew Keel is the owner of Keel Team, LLC, a Top 100 Owner of Manufactured Housing Communities with over 1,500 lots under management. His team currently manages over 20 manufactured housing communities across ten states - AR, GA, IA, IL, IN, MN, NE, OH, PA and TN. His expertise is in turning around under-managed manufactured housing communities by utilizing proven systems to maximize the occupancy while reducing operating costs. He specializes in bringing in homes to fill vacant lots, implementing utility bill back programs, and improving overall management and operating efficiencies, all of which significantly boost the asset value and net operating income of the communities.

Andrew has been featured on some of the Top Podcasts in the manufactured housing space, click here to listen to his most recent interviews: In order to successfully implement his management strategy Andrew's team usually moves on location during the first several months of ownership. Find out more about Andrew's story at

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Talking Points:

00:21 - Welcome to the Passive Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast
01:53 - Kurt’s story and his journey into the manufactured housing industry
03:32 - The items that passive investors should look out for, which provide the most liability concern
04:49 - The items which present the most risk and have the most claims every year in mobile home parks
08:22 - The hazards and the real risks that they pose to mobile home park owners
09:43 - dogs and trampolines
11:57 - Hurricane and tornado exposure
15:50 - The insurance policies that you recommend that an operator have on a typical mobile home park acquisition
17:05 - Cyber liability concerns
21:39 - Park-owned homes and LLC’s
25:04 - The perfect mobile home park for an insurance broker
26:27 - Which amenities are not going to make insurance costs go through the roof
27:59 - Kurt’s final piece of advice for investors who are interested in mobile home parks
30:13 - Getting a hold of Kurt and Mobile Insurance
31:22 - Conclusion

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Mobile Insurance website:
Mobile Insurance phone number: 1-800-458-4320
Kurt Kelley phone number: 281-460-8384
Keel Team's official website:
Andrew Keel's official website:
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Andrew Keel Instagram page:
Twitter: @MHPinvestors


“I'm a refugee from divorce law.” - Kurt Kelley

“There's a total of about $900 billion in total capital in insurance countrywide.” - Kurt Kelley

“Be careful about mobile home parks in low-lying areas, in 100-yard flood zones. Those are expensive to insure.” - Kurt Kelley

“Go to that mobile home park on a Wednesday at 10:00 AM, if you see a lot of working-aged men standing around doing nothing, it's a red flag because working-aged men are like teenagers with too much time. It's a bad recipe for issues, for just having a bad tenant base that just becomes difficult for someone to manage.” - Kurt Kelley

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