Mask Wars...Battlefield: America | 8/4/20


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PatHeads send goodies! Britain is ridiculous. Holland says masks may be doing more harm than good. Videos from all over America show people arguing about masks. A YouTuber WhatsHerFace explains why she doesn’t like masks. The country is spending less so we can give more money away, right? Joe Biden babbling over his run-on sentences. Kids are about to head back to school. Families are making the decision to homeschool. President Trump grilled by a reporter over COVID-19 testing. Deaths in America during the COVID-19 pandemic is just “is what it is.” Fearmongering left constantly driving the narrative of Trump being forced out of the White House. Dr. Deborah Brix isn’t Dr. Fauci, and Nancy Pelosi doesn't like that. Pat seems to have predicted the future. Pro-life students are arrested for writing (in chalk) “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on the sidewalk. A Confederate beach towel creates an uproar at the beach. A rare blue lobster was found at a Red Lobster delivery in Akron, Ohio. Scientists revive 100-million-year-old microbes. UFO’s existence is a fact according to new reports from the government.

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