Pac-12 Football Players Make a List of Demands | 8/03/20


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New Pat Gray BINGO card is in, go check it out on Twitter! Charles Barkley defends those who aren’t kneeling. NBA player Jonathan Isaac explains why he didn’t kneel during the national anthem. Another NBA player, Michael Porter Jr., claims that COVID-19 is overblown. A Canadian hockey player kneels and raises a fist. Drew Brees is at it again. Pac-12 football players release a list of demands on how to deal with racism and COVID-19 this season. The Blaze will continue with live broadcasts only after our list of demands are met. Protesters in Portland burned a pig’s head with a police hat and a cross. The Norwegian flag was removed from a bed and breakfast spot because it looked like a Confederate flag. Former employees of the "Ellen" show say the environment was “too mean.” A protester is in the top 99% of intelligence on the planet. Officer punches a protester for trying to grab his gun. According to the CIA website … birds aren't real. Rep. Jim Jordan puts Dr. Fauci to the test over the COVID-19 decisions. Fauci also says there are no therapeutic means to hydroxychloroquine. So many mask debates.

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