020 - Peter Wingfield: Actor to Anesthesiologist


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A conversation about Peter's life.

Peter grew up in Cardiff, Wales. He studied medicine first at Oxford University and then St Barts in London before leaving med school just weeks before graduation to pursue his long held passion - acting. After training at Guildhall drama school, he had a successful career, doing lots of television work in particular both in the UK and, after his big break in the tv show Highlander, in the US. He worked on numerous famous shows including 24 and CSI: Miami. In 2011 Peter returned to medical school in Vermont - having to do the whole course again despite having only missed the last few weeks in St Barts - and now he is Peter Wingfield, MD and Anesthesiologist in Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. He lives up in the hills near the Hollywood sign. I’m sure you’ll agree Peter has had a fascinating journey in his life and I really enjoyed hearing all about it.

Episode guide:

0.00 Intro

2.58 Childhood in Cardiff

6.38 Studying medicine in Oxford and St Barts

13.22 Decision to leave Med School weeks before graduation to become an actor, then starting at Guildhall

25.05 First acting job out of Guildhall. Starts working regularly in British TV. The employment insecurity all actors face

33.35 Big break. Methos in Highlander

44.18 Hollywood film sets. Behaviour of high status actors etc. Working on 24. Kiefer Sutherland going off at an actor for not bringing character to set. Peter's own behaviour being possibly a bit "Hollywood"

59.25 Transition out of acting and return to medicine

1.14.15 Going to Med School in Vermont. Why anesthesiology? Most memorable and profound moments since practising

1.32.34 Does he miss acting?

1.37.43 Post-script on the mysterious nature of anesthesiology and consciousness

1.42.26 Outro

Guest: Peter Wingfield

Host and producer: Donal Gallery

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