11: Four Tips for Cultivating Creativity


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Stuck in a creative slump and have no idea how to get out? Chances are you're only making it worse for yourself because you're dwelling on it, getting frustrated, and trying to force the creativity. I'm sorry, friend, but that's just not going to work. So let's talk about what will work! In this podcast episode, I talk all about four tips to cultivate creativity within you so you can get back to generating all of your amazing knit and crochet pattern design ideas!
Need a bit more accountability to stay on the creative train? As long as you're willing to put in 30 minutes every week, I have 52 design prompts for you, which will be delivered straight to your inbox every week for a year. It's called 52 Weeks of Creativity, and I created it with a fellow designer to help you get out of the creative slumps, regardless of what time of year it is.
Looking for the podcast episode all about creativity and business journeys? It's Episode118 on the Feel Good Social Podcast, titled "Finding Your Creativity in Business & Marketing with Jessica Brist!"
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