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Your host Paul Jaeb is excited to welcome back John Hoda of Elm City Detectives back on the program. John has appeared several times in the past and he and Paul continue their discussion about John’s career. Scott Wilson from IRB updates listeners on several new things, including IRBfocus Express, a new Relatives and Neighbors search, and other enhancements to their industry leading product.

Alan Goodman is back, calling in from the road, for another entertaining segment from the “Rocky Coast of Maine.”

Next month Paul welcomes Ron Rugen from Rugen Team Investigations in Kansas City, MO. Ron is a very accomplished private investigator and frequent television commentator – including contributions on Fox News and HLN. ESPN will air a feature that Ron assisted on where two St. Louis Ram football players went undercover to intermingle with St. Louis’ homeless. A trailer can be found here.

Paul was recently named to the Minnesota Business Power 50 list. At an awards ceremony last month he was honored as one of the “remarkable players in the Minnesota business community with a knack for getting things done — and being helpful along the way.”

To take advantage of John Hoda’s offer on this month’s show please visit and enter promo code DWH.

Guests on the June 2015 podcast are:

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