Esther’s Story and Whatever Happened to Tim Keller’s Model for Evangelical Ministry


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Sam and Esther and I will all be participating in some events coming up in Chicago. In anticipation of this we do some introduction to Esther and we get into all the recent hubbub about Tim Keller

@Paul VanderKlay where we advertise our upcoming Chicago event and talk about Bethel's biography and the current discussions around Tim Keller.

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This Conversation on Transfigured

Meetup event for June 7th:

Meetup event for June 8th:

Chicago Bridges of Meaning Meetup:

We mention Lydia McGrew, Timothy McGrew, Jordan Peterson, Timothy Keller, Douglas Murray, Bret Weinstein, David Brooks, Heather Heying, James R Wood, @faturechi , Sam Harris, Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Rachel Held Evens, Francis Collins, John McWhorter, Doug Wilson, Christopher Hitchens, Rod Dreher, Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and more.

00:00:00 - Event Announcements 00:09:30 - Bethel's Biography 00:29:30 - Esther O'Reilly 00:39:30 - Bethel's Mission 00:41:30 - Basket of Misfit Randos 00:50:00 - The Rise and Fall of Tim Keller 01:38:00 - Concluding Remarks

Upcoming live Events

Meetup event for June 7th:

Meetup event for June 8th:

Chicago Bridges of Meaning Meetup:

June 17 Estuary Church Leader's Meeting at the Prince Center: Registration Link

June 18 Grand Rapids Estuary Meetup

German Estuary Festival August 2022

Thunder Bay Gathering September 2022

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