Stopping Phishing Attacks & A Fresh Approach to Reducing Cyber Risk - Chris Cleveland, Mehul Revankar - ESW #278


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PIXM stops phishing attacks at point of click with computer vision in the browser, protecting users from phishing beyond the mailbox in any application. With the launch of PIXM Mobile, PIXM is now delivering this capability on iPhones as well as desktop devices.

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The rise in disclosed vulnerabilities, the speed they are weaponized, and the cyber talent shortage have left teams struggling to wade through a mountain of vulnerabilities. In this discussion, Mehul will discuss the need for a new way to cut through the noise to focus teams on prioritizing and fixing those critical vulnerabilities that will most reduce risk in each organization's environment. He'll also cover how Qualys is redefining risk and vulnerability management in the latest version of VMDR and share stories of how customers have leveraged this solution to dramatically reduce risk.

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