Why Less Is More for Static Application Scanning - Surag Patel - ESW #246


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Seeking to capitalize on the full potential of digital transformation, organizations are turning to serverless applications to accelerate development cycles, reduce operational complexities, and improve efficiencies. But as organizations embrace serverless applications, a majority are encountering security roadblocks that impede release cycles and/or ratchet up risk. This podcast explores findings and insights from a recent serverless application security report and plots actionable recommendations on how organizations can realize the comprehensive benefits of serverless applications without sacrificing security!

Segment Resources:

Whitepaper: Contrast Scan Is Faster, More Accurate, and More Efficient - https://www.contrastsecurity.com/white-paper-modern-application-security-scanning

eBook: Pipeline-Native Static Analysis Why It Is the Future of SAST - https://www.contrastsecurity.com/ebook-static-analysis-security-testing

Solution Brief: Contrast Scan: Modern Application Security Scanning - https://www.contrastsecurity.com/hubfs/DocumentsPDF/Contrast-Scan-Modern-Application-Security-Scanning_Solution%20Brief_Final.pdf

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