Box: A 3-step PM roadmap for launching fast growing products with Alok Ojha, VP of Products


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As the VP of Products at cloud content management platform Box, Alok Ojha leads security and enterprise product portfolios, driving Box's product strategy, long-term roadmap and vision.

Alok has extensive experience launching products in the enterprise software industry — he's worked at leading enterprise SaaS companies like Proofpoint and RSA, as well as startups, such as CloudPassage and Syncplicity.

Typical cybersecurity companies tend to lack focus on the experience of the end-user — Alok even admits he was part of the problem. That insight led him to seek out new opportunities, which is when he found Box.

With the company’s genuine focus on end-user experience, it was a little like love at first sight. Alok says working at Box kicked off an empowering journey to "build security the way it should be.”

In this episode of People Driven Products, Alok breaks down his step-by-step method for launching a new product, how to identify product-market fit, and how he launched Box’s fastest growing product.

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