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Tamar Aphek has been called Israel’s guitar goddess. Her music is a wild combination of styles and genres. She’s fearless and knows exactly what sounds she’s looking for. But she didn’t start out as a guitar deity.

She began her musical journey with piano. Singing came a little after that as she joined a prestigious children’s choir. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she really started listening to rock music.

I learned that she looks at writing music like crashing a car into a tree. I also learned that the Israeli version of rock and roll is hummus. It makes sense, trust me. Tamar’s new album, All Bets Are Off, is out now on Kill Rock Stars. Pick it up and follow her on social media for exclusive stuff! Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Buy us non-commital coffee at ko-fi.com/performanceanxiety. Pick up a mug or shower curtain at performanceanx.threadless.com. And just like a pita chipi nto hummus, let’s dip into the show with Tamar Aphek on Performance Anxiety on Pantheon Podcast Network.

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