Red Arrows Flying, Dropping Bombs in ‘Top-Gun’ school & Battling Imposter Syndrome w_ Former Red Arrows Pilot Daniel Lowes


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Daniel Lowes is a former RAF Typhoon fighter pilot, weapons instructor, and elite Red Arrows display pilot.

Daniel flew the typhoon in operations and as part of Exercise Red Flag, an international exercise for the best of the best, before completing the coveted QFI weapons instructor course.

Daniel then joined the Red Arrows, and took part in the RAFs iconic 100-year anniversary display in London, among other displays in a 3-year tenure with the Reds.

We talk through some career highlights, about selection processes to joining one of the world's most elite high-performing teams, as well as dog-fighting, dropping bombs, and the insights learned to maintain optimum performance during a high-stakes but rewarding career.

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