PPR 278- Boating Derails Retirement


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The Wall Street answer to maximum retirement income is to invest more money. That is usually the answer to everything. Lose your dog - you need to invest more money. Flat tire - you must not have invested enough money. Investments are critically important to your retirement happiness; however, protection is often ignored.

Protection should be the first thing we talk about in a retirement planning conversation. It does not mater how good your retirement investments are if a civil liability claim blows up your plans. Dave Ramsey says that the answer to retirement is may off your house early and invest in a diversified basket of investment that will earn you a mythical twelve (12%) return. I agree that maximum income in retirement does require savings and investment.

It requires diversified investments and a good plan but what if something unrelated to the stock market threatens to ruin your plans? Will your retirement plan withstand the unexpected? Got questions about maximizing your retirement income, saving for retirement, life insurance, or estate planning? Send me an email to kraig@kraigstrom.com.

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