#93 - Media, Politics and The People w/ An Open Letter


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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Introduction
00:27 - Provocative nature of Twitter
01:35 - What is “String”?
07:56 - The state of political discourse and nationalism
11:00 - How “An open letters” political leaning evolved
14:35 - Has the Godi media always existed in India?
24:20 - Need for reducing government intervention
32:30 - Discussing Rinku Sharma murder controversy
41:12 - The legacy media and rational voice
49:18 - Where did the name “An open letter” come from?
52:40 - How to go about fact-finding?
59:25 - How Prakhars political leaning changed through a spiritual experience?
01:01:46 - Political activism on social media and the western view of India
01:09:08 - How does an individual relate to politics?
01:15:50 - Who runs the outrage economy?
01:25:28 - How Greta and Rihanna sidelined the actual issues
01:28:25 - Discussing the farm laws and the events of 26th Jan
01:58:45 - Podcasting, Live Streaming, and Content Creation
02:13:20 - Jordan Peterson's Zebra story
02:18:14 - Conclusion

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