#94 - Growing with Ankur Warikoo


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Ankur Warikoo is an Internet entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and angel investor based in India. He was the co-founder of Nearbuy. Warikoo was previously the CEO of Groupon India.

He is an active angel investor and invests in early-stage tech startups and mentors the founders on Product-Market-Fit, Talent hiring & retention, and the founder mindset.

Time Stamps:

00:00 - Live Streaming, audience engagement
06:35 - How does the content creation process change for an older audience?
12:57 - Is creating helpful content a way of healing a creator's past wounds?
17:15 - Ankur Warikoos experience at ISB Hyderabad
21:10 - Does the course matter or the institute?
25:15 - Are management colleges becoming redundant?
32:00 - Does the “ideal” form of leadership map onto the practical reality?
36:30 - Why aren't Indian startups reaching their potential?
40:30 - Amazon and Google’s power today
43:28 - How much of the top-level entrepreneurship is people management?
44:59 - The founder - creator operational difference
52:58 - What drives Prakhar to create content?

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