Pharmacy Inspection Podcast Episode 15 - Bill Fixler part 2


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In our 15th episode Pharmacist and rockstar entrepreneur, Bill Fixler talks about his experience in co-owning 3 pharmacies; all of which compound. Most recently, Bill has been working on opening a 503B pharmacy, Asteria Health in Birmingham, Alabama. We also discuss differences between owning a 503A and 503B and what he learned making this transition. This is the second part of possibly a three part series that we recorded last year. Stay tuned! Sign up to receive the entire episode: [mc4wp_form id="14886"] If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We're just getting warmed up; there's SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what's to come! Thanks for listening. Do you have a question or comment for the show? Leave us a VOICEMAIL, right on our site!

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