How dangerous are your beliefs? | George Ellis, Carlo Rovelli, Philip Goff and Shami Chakrabarti


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Once faith was revered. Now in a secular age, it is seen by many as an irrational dedication to an unproven belief. Yet science, Marxism, and liberalism, all rely on core beliefs that are unprovable. And to live without belief in anything at all would be considered empty and meaningless.

Should we accept that an element of faith is required whatever our perspective, and embrace the comfort and purpose that stems from unqualified belief? Or is this to undermine the very idea of knowledge and progress, heralding a world where evidence means nothing and only rhetoric matters?

Former Director of Human Rights NGO Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, groundbreaking physicist Carlo Rovelli, Consciousness expert Philip Goff, and world leader in relativity and cosmology George Ellis discuss the necessity and danger of belief. Isabel Hilton hosts.

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