INSPIRED – Episode 44 – Short Stories Continued


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Today I posted an episode of Photography Matters, talking about a variety of writing exercises to help build your storytelling chops. Just wanted to followup with a couple things I left out. This will be a short one.

Crazy Awesome Book of the Week!


By Ted Vieira in Film Photography Projects

84 pages, published 3/3/2020

Portland, Oregon. This is my favorite city I’ve ever lived in. I lived there from fall of ’82 to the fall of ’97. It rained most of the time I was there. Okay, maybe not most of the time… …it rained a lot.But you know what? That shows how cool this town is. In spite o the amount of rain and gloomy overcast days, I stayed for 15 years, and still miss it today.I love the architecture; the people (some of the most creative people I’ve ever…

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