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Aldo Boitano is an entrepreneur, author, Ph.D. candidate (Pepperdine), engineer, world-class mountaineer, and executive developer. He is also a husband and father. He serves as Chief Technology Officer & Partner at, Director at Chilean Lithium Salars, and the Executive Director at Executive Development. He's led expeditions to the South Pole for Wharton and UNC-Charlotte and was the Dean of Instituto Vertical. He has served on numerous boards including the International Leadership Association and Electra.
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  • "We were aligned with the objective of being the first-ever Latin American team to climb K2 via the 'high route' and survive."
  • "There’s a big difference between teams that have a soul, have a purpose, who are more generous and collaborative versus teams who are selfish and misaligned."
  • On his dissertation work - "It's not that much different from mountaineering. You empower people, you have devil’s advocate, you have small fight hard on the problems and you are soft on the people."

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