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Dr. Corey Seemiller is an associate professor in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University. She is a leading expert on Gen Z and a prolific scholar in the space of leadership education. She's been interviewed by NPR, The New York Times, Newsy, Cheddar, Bloomberg and is the author of Generation Z Goes to College, Generation Z Leads, Generation Z: A Century in the Making, Generation Z Learns, and The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook.
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  • "When I got into this generational work, I wanted to have a positive spin on it, especially as an educator."
  • "It's really an interesting journey to be along for the ride with this young generation as they're experiencing the same things I am, but in a very different way. And in a very different context."
  • "...this is just one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of a Gen Zer saying, 'I don't trust leaders to make decisions that are in my best interest. I don't trust the system. I'm going to just go ahead and start doing things that I think are going to make a difference because that's the only power and agency that I have.'"
  • "I'm going to be curious to track that over this election, and certainly the next couple of years to see if their notion of creating change involves basically playing within the existing systems, as well as working around them. I think that there they has a multi-tiered approach."
  • "The most frequent role they play is The Doer. A lot of 'I want somebody to tell me what to do, give me direction, and then I'll go do it. I don't really want to be in charge of other people. I don't really want to be in charge of the process.'"

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