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"In the complex environment of the current business world, leaders often will be called upon to act against their instincts. They will need to know when to share power and when to wield it alone, when to look to the wisdom of the group and when to take their own counsel. A deep understanding of context, the ability to embrace complexity and paradox, and a willingness to flexibly change leadership style will be required for leaders who want to make things happen in a time of increasing uncertainty." - Snowden and Boone
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  • "Complex adaptive systems are deeply entangled. And I think that's the key metaphor for complexity. Everything is entangled with everything else...Juarrero famously said, 'it's like bramble bushes in a thicket.'"
  • "It’s so clear to me now, why people struggle so much with approaches to leadership, because most of them were developed for an ordered environment...they weren’t really developed for handling the complexity and the chaos."
  • "If you know anything about the natural science, you know that connections matter more than things. So the work we’re doing on leadership development is all about changing connectivity. For leaders, and we don’t talk about qualities or competencies, we put them in situations where their connections constantly change and shift."
  • "Please don’t confuse complexity with systems thinking. It’s completely different."
  • "The biggest mistake of the last three decades has been to define where we want to be and try and close the gap."
  • "The reality is, the most an individual is, is a catalyst or a nexus point in a complex series of interactions. Good leaders learn to manage that."

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