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Diogo Seixas is a speaker, author, educator, and a Ph.D. candidate at Southern Illinois University. He is the founder of Ride Academy and he works with young people to help them think about their future. Diogo has a passion for helping others find their dreams. He's a positive force with an intense desire to help others.
Quotes From This Episode

  • "You can really learn leadership if you do this right... and because I saw myself changing, my friends changing, I decided that that was something that I wanted to pursue."
  • "I knew that I wanted to help people. I didn't know, how. When I learned about leadership - that became a passion and I connected both things."
  • "That's my call to action...I had to do something about it. Because I was only talking about it. I was only telling people, 'hey, this is why you should have a dream.' But I never taught them how to have a dream."
  • "I want people to stop and evaluate what's happening. Now. Then go and make a conscious decision of what comes next."

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